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Where the heck have I been?

I seemed to have disappeared for quite some time there.....but I am gonna try to stay this time....let's see still a whovian and love movies and TVs, too many shows to mention at once....

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Ok, so I'm not sure I've ever done a fic rec, but I've been on a bit of a break from reading fanfic for a bit seeing as my few favorite authors got a bit quiet on the writing front, you know RL gets in the way sometimes.  But my 20 year old son recently started getting into fanfic, originally for another fandom but then he started seeking out DW and mostly on FanFiction.net.  He, like me, always thought RTD dropped the ball on the whole "why didn't something change Rose because of the vortex?" so he mostly looks for ones in which Rose became a time lady or something like that and he found a series a couple of weeks ago and then linked it to me and I got hooked.

It's called War of the Guardians and it's a multi doctor, multi companion story.  IT's actually a series now, and it's by an author named timelordprime.

Here's a link:    http://www.fanfiction.net/u/4410801/TimeLordPrime

It's a really good story. So if you like Rose/Doctor, or multi doc stories, or Rose with powers, or Donna getting her memories back and getting to be full Time Lady, I would highly suggest this story.

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You thought I dropped off the face of the planet didn't you?

Ok, so I wasn't at all good about posting on LJ in 2012. In fact I'm not sure I posted at all this year. But here I am, back again(just in case anyone missed me, to which you're all saying "who are you again?"). LOL

Things are going relatively well for me and mine at the moment. My boys are doing alright. The oldest is now 20 and actively looking for work and having a little break between semesters in school as he's attempting to change schools at the moment. He's also currently weighing his options of things he could do as volunteer work to at least start getting experience and doing something useful.
My youngest, the special angel, is doing pretty good at the moment(knock wood). He still has seizures although not as bad as they once got, and he's pretty happy a lot of the time. I can't believe he'll be 16 next month.

I am a Twilight Mom, and somewhere along the way the 20 year old started watching and enjoying with me, even getting the ebooks from me and reading them himself on his tablet. But now he decided to go back and has caught up on all 3 1/2 seasons of Vampire Diaries so far and is reading the books, and has caught up on True Blood and after him telling me some about them, I am currently putting Netflix to good use catching up on Vampire Diaries, which is back with new episodes in a couple of weeks. I'm currently on Season 2, episode 5. Then I'll catch up on True Blood since I have until June before that comes back with new episodes. .This is not unlike what happened in 2011 when I finally watched an episode or two of Criminal Minds and got hooked and had to go back and watch 6 seasons in the summer before season 7 started.

Well, I guess that's about all that's new with me. In all the time I have been involved with community theater I never did musicals, well that changed when I got a small part in White Christmas which we performed last month.  It was so much fun.

I hope all of you have a great 2013 and I am gonna attempt to get back to keep up with my LJ.  :)

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The '20 songs' meme

I snagged this from everyone who has done it so far.  I thought it might be interesting.  I have such a wide variety of musical likes.
You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod or mp3 player and write down the first 20 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun! And frankly, a little scary...

So here goes...........

1.  Who's Crying Now... Journey
2. 99 Times.......  Kate Voegele
3. Only in Miami..... Bette Midler
4. Borrowed Angels..... Kristine Chenoweth
6. Spaceman........the Killers
7.  Christmas Memories.......Julianne Hough
8..Frenzy.........Transformers Score
9.  What was I thinking Clones?........Frank Caliendo(comedy)
10.  This Ain't Nothing...........Craig Morgan
11.   Physical........Glee cast
12.  One Tribe............Black Eyed Peas
13.  Do Somethin............Britney Spears
14.  'Til the Rivers Run Dry........REO Speedwagon
15.  He Didn't Have to Be............Brad Paisely
16.  You're Not my Got.......Keith Urban
17.  Amor.........Ben E. King(Valentinte's Day Soundtrack)
18.  Sex and The City........All Time Top 100 TV Themes
19.  Maggie May.........Rod Stewart
20.  Faithfully...............Glee cast version

You may proceed to mock me....lolol.   :)
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I'm hooked

 I found this website, that is free, which is a giant trivia game.  It's called Sporcle and I'm hooked.  I found it first on my Android phone and then found out they have it for IPhones and on the internet as well. There's literally hundreds of quizzes in several different categories and you can pick and choose which ones you take and share your scores.  Quizzes are timed.  It's really rather cool. 

In other news, there really isn't anything new going on around here.  My hubby and I plod along at fairly the same old, same old.  My oldest just got his class for his next semester at the community college.  He took a semester off and was therefore fairly down low on the list of priority to get signed up.  Now that his foot's back in the door, he should have higher priority next semester for where he falls in the signing up process which should hopefully mean he can get more classes before they're full. At least the one class he managed to get was one in the field he's hoping to pursue, which is computers. He's also planning on looking for a job now that he knows his schedule.  The scary thing is that much like the classes in the college, jobs are pretty hard to come by around here lately, so I"m keeping my fingers crossed that he can find something. 

My little one is doing pretty well right now(knock wood).  We've been very fortunate and he hasn't had any real health scares lately 

So that's about all that's new around my neck of the woods. 

HUGS to you all. 

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Harry Potter

 Well, since Monday my oldest son and I have watched all 7 Harry Potter movies on DVD.  We are now ready for tomorrow's release of Deathly Hallows Part 2!!!!!!!  

In other news we're just plodding along, trying to stay out of the heat and hanging out at home a lot. 

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Happy Birthday, to my friend

 Happy Birthday to my dear friend, ageless_aislynn !!!

Big Birthday HUGS from me!!!

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Long Overdue Update

 Well, I haven't posted in a while, so what else is new?!  

Not all that much of interest happening around here. 

Although last month I found myself, thanks to my hubby, watching my first ever episode of a show that's been on for 6 seasons, Criminal Minds.  I liked it so much that in the last few weeks I somehow managed to find and watch every single episode of all 6 seasons. SO now I am completely caught up and looking forward to season 7 starting in Sept. YAY!!!  

My kids are both doing alright at present, although my youngest, the medically fragile child, has developed these new stomach seizures which cause him to gasp and cough and sometimes lose the contents of his most recent feeding. Gross, I know, I'm sorry. SO I am waiting for authorization to take him to see his Neurologist and GI specialists to see if there's anything that can be done about it. 

Everything else is pretty much status quo.  

I thoroughly enjoy reading all about all of you, sorry I'm not as good as keeping up with posting. 

Hope everyone here in the States is having a safe and happy 4th of July and that my friends across the pond are just having a great day. 

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 OMG!!  I can't believe it, I actually got a few things accomplished today.  Let me tell you, I'm very proud of me for that.  There was a time when I cleaned this whole house top to bottom at least every other week, but lately I'm lucky if I get it done once every other month.  LOL  But today, I actually got a couple of the bathrooms cleaned(one more to go, in the morning)  I handled some important phone calls regarding my youngest son's medical supplies and I colored my mom's hair. SO , Yay me!!  I plan on following suit with the rest of the house as the week progresses. 

In other news, the youngest, my medically fragile one, has got this new thing going on lately where he gasps and coughs and his face turns red.  I have a call in to try and get him into his GI specialist and am awaiting approval to make an appointment for a follow up with his neurologist. 

That's really all that's new.  Oh, summer has really arrived here in SoCal. I think it was in the high 90s today. 

I hope life is treating you all fairly. 

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Thinking about it

 I'm thinking of joining Twitter.  It seems like everyone is tweeting these days, not to mention it seems to be a good way to keep up with your favorite celebs and such. I have a computer and a smartphone.  WHy not?!!

In other news, there really isn't any other news.  LOL.   My oldest continues to make strides in his therapy, following the leg surgery.  He's driving again, which thrills him to bits.  My sis had knee replacement surgery last week.  Usually they don't do replacements on someone as young as she(49), but her doctor said in extreme cases they will.  Her knee was pretty much gone, just bone on bone.  So the surgery went fairly well and she is recovering at home and doing pretty good. 

Other than that there's not a whole lot going on around here that's new.  I think I'm going to be at the movies a lot this summer. lots of things coming out that I want to see. I am really lucky.  Though we are on a rather tight budget these days, we can still afford matinees sometimes and my mom ends up paying for me a ticket a lot of the time since a lot of the movies I see she wants to see too and she hates going alone. 

My oldest and I went and saw Thor yesterday, Tuesday is bargain day at our local movie theater, matinee prices are just $5,25 all day, til 6. That's a pretty good deal, in my opinion, when compared to movie prices in most major cities and such(but then we don't live in a major city).  We really enjoyed Thor.  Of course, I have never read the comics or anything, so I went in with an open mind to the story and how they were telling it.  Actually, I'm the easiest person to please when it comes to movies.  I love all kinds of movies, and rarely dislike any. 
Well, I suppose that's all that's new around here. 


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